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In Moncton, cosmetic dentistry has given our patients plenty of reasons to smile!

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have not only allowed dentists to better treat oral diseases, but improve the overall appearance and aesthetics of your teeth with the help of cosmetic dental techniques such as bonding, contouring and full-mouth rehabilitation.


Over time, the enamel of your teeth can suffer from discolouration, staining or chemical damage as a result of significant consumption of soft drinks, tea or coffee, as well as frequent smoking. Veneers made from thin layers of composite or dental porcelain can be applied over the surface of the affected teeth, covering up any discolouration, effectively maintaining a uniform colour and shape to your teeth.

Bonding (Resin Veneers)

Bonding involves the application of a composite resin filling to restore decaying teeth, as well as lighten stains, cover up visible fractures and gaps in the tooth’s structure, as well as improve the look of crooked teeth. Once applied to the surface of the tooth, your cosmetic dentist will be able to sculpt and shape the composite resin according to your aesthetic wishes.

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Your cosmetic dentist can quickly correct crooked, chipped or overlapping teeth through dental reshaping and contouring. In a relatively painless process, subtle alterations to the shape, position and the size of your teeth can produce a beautiful, winning smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In cases where a person’s teeth have been extensively damaged by decay or injury, a full mouth rehabilitation may be needed. Full mouth rehabilitation is a service that your cosmetic dentist in Moncton will be able to provide. Full mouth rehabilitation can involve different procedures and the expertise of highly-trained cosmetic and restorative dentists, periodontists and orthodontists.

It’s been often said that beauty cannot be achieved without pain. With painless and effective procedures such as dental contouring and bonding being used to improve a person’s smile, however, it’s safe to say that this adage is no longer true. As your Moncton cosmetic dentist, we will be fully dedicated to the aesthetic improvement of your teeth in order to help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

If you need more information about a cosmetic dentist in Moncton, contact us today.

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