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Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Fight gingivitis, cavities and bad breath with good, old-fashioned oral hygiene.

Common dental diseases such as gingivitis, cavities and bad breath can be prevented by simply maintaining consistent personal oral hygiene and cleaning, as well as making regular visits to your local dentist at Victoria Park Dental. Furthermore, oral hygiene can help heal tissues affected by periodontitis and dental trauma, or facilitate recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction, as well as help identify oral cancer at its early stages.

One of our goals at Victoria Park Dental is to provide our patients with preventative measures for periodontal and endodontic diseases. One effective preventative measure is the simple process of maintaining oral hygiene. We help our patients maintain good dental health by providing painless oral cleaning services such as prophylaxis, scaling and root planning, as well as education and instructions for our patients to help better care for their teeth.

Another one of our goals is to help diagnose, prevent and treat oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting Canadians today and involves the abnormal growth of cells in areas of the mouth such as the lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, salivary gland, the back of your throat, the roof and floor of your mouth and your tonsils.

Prior to any oral hygiene session, we assess the health of our patients with the help of x-rays, clinical exams and a thorough evaluation of their medical histories. We can identify oral cancer in its early stages through routine oral exams that involve visual and, if needed, in-depth screenings.

In a visual screening, dentists can detect early stages of oral cancer through a thorough routine visual inspection of the mouth. Signs of oral cancer such as lesions and red and white patches or sores, are easily detectable by our team of professional dental hygienists.

In an in-depth screening, dentists may use an array of additional methods to help you identify whether you have oral cancer or not. While abnormal sores are common, not all of them are cancerous; dentists and dental hygienists can remove a few of the abnormal cells and test them for cancer in a biopsy procedure.

At Victoria Park Dental, we care for our patients’ oral health in many ways. Providing periodical oral examinations and routine oral cleanings for our patients is one of the most effective measures in preventing common and severe dental diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay and oral cancer.

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