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Periodontal diseases affect the health of your gums. Many Canadian adults suffer from periodontal diseases that may be as minor as gum inflammation, or as severe as damage occurring to the tissues and bone that support your teeth. In worst-case scenarios, such diseases may result in the loss of teeth.

Periodontal treatments include scaling, root surface debridement and root planning, all of which are non-surgical methods for cleaning infected root surfaces. We will systematically remove dental plaque from your teeth in order to prevent gum inflammation and to help the affected gums heal. In more severe cases, tooth loss can occur and the installation of dental implants may be required.

At Victoria Park Dental, our team of friendly and highly-trained dental professionals can provide an array of accessible periodontal treatments that will prevent gum inflammation, as well as help you better care for your gums.

If you need more information about Periodontics in Moncton, contact us today.

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