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Suffering from broken or fractured teeth? Endodontic therapy can help save them, and keep them healthy and protected from future diseases and bacterial infection.

When your teeth become cracked or fractured as a result of injury or trauma, the system of nerves, lymphatic and fibrous tissues and arterioles that make up your dental pulp may be exposed to disease and microbacterial infection as a result. Any individual suffering from severe endodontic disease can tell you the condition is extremely painful as well! If this happens, endodontic treatments can be performed in order to save the affected tooth.

Endodontics is the area concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of endodontic diseases that affect the dental pulp. Endodontic therapy, otherwise known as root canal therapy, treats the affected dental pulp and prevents them from becoming infected by future bacterial invasions. In a relatively painless surgical procedure, the affected dental pulp is cleaned out and the hollow cavity it leaves behind is then disinfected and subsequently filled with restorative dental materials.

Victoria Park Dental can effectively treat endodontic problems efficiently and painlessly. Suffering from a sore tooth? We’ll be happy to help. Call us today.

Watch Videos About Endodontics:

Root Canal (Direct Post and Core) Tooth Decay Root Canal (Direct Post and Core) Root Canal (Indirect Post and Core) Tooth Decay Root Canal (Indirect Post and Core)

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