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Temporomandibular disorders, also known as TMJ disorders, describe a set of problems that affect the temperomandibular joint, which connects your lower jawbone to your skull’s temporal bone. This particular joint is responsible for smooth jaw movement during chewing, yawning and speaking.

When your temporomandibular joint is adversely affected, you can suffer from extreme discomfort and pain that can endure for many years. Symptoms of TMJ disorder may include tell-tale clicking or grating sounds in the jaw joint while you are chewing or opening and closing your mouth, facial pain or tenderness in your cheeks, shoulders and neck, difficulty chewing your food or biting, and your upper and lower teeth fitting improperly together as a result.

Our dentists can effectively diagnose TMJ disorder through panoramic x-rays, as well as careful oral examination. Your jaw joints will be thoroughly investigated for pain, clicking or grating sounds. The look and function of your bite during jaw movement will also be studied. In certain cases, MRI or CT scans may be required to view the placement of adjacent tissues during jaw movement.

Once diagnosed, we will prescribe a number of simple, but effective treatment measures. Treatments may include applying heat or cold packs to the side of your face, consuming soft foods to facilitate chewing, and medications for muscle pain and swelling.

At Victoria Park Dental, we also provide patients suffering from long-term TMJ disorder with custom-made night guards and occlusal splints prescribed by your dentist that can correct bad bites and ease pain. If needed, we can also apply bridges, crowns and or braces that improve bite problems and level out the teeth’s biting surfaces.

If you are suffering from persistent aches in your jaw or teeth, or any of the symptoms of TMJ disorder outlined above, don’t hesitate to call us today! Your comfort and oral health are our number one priority.

If you need more information about TMJ Disorder in Moncton, contact us today.

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